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  • Accessible movement with no previous experience needed.
  • Find calm, release tension, and explore emotional liberation.

Hey, I'm Julee!

And I am so glad you're here.


I'm a grief doula, certified Grief Yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner. 


But I'm also just like you.


I have personally seen what happens when people don't have the tools to process their grief, because it happened to me.


It took me years to find tools of support for my grief. I found that getting out of my head and into my body through mindful movement, and anxiety reduction practices allowed me to move from suppression to opening up to emotional and physical expression.


To begin that journey we must first ground into the present moment, calm the body and mind, and release emotional overwhelm through movement, breath and sound. 


I am offering you this 5-day challenge as an invitation to begin exploring what that journey can look like for you.

Let's do this...together!

You are not alone, friend.

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